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Gorgeous garden sheds

I love these garden sheds. I know I said I wanted a greenhouse (and I do), but these sheds are a necessity … surely?

Greenhouse love

High up on my wish list right now is … a greenhouse! LOVE them. Here are 10 glasshouses that inspire me.

How does my garden grow: Part 4

I recently revamped my food garden and put in containers to better control the soil. And it seems to be paying off…

How does my garden grow…? Part 3

…with ripening heirloom tomatoes, sky-high jerusalem artichokes and the most beautiful pumpkins on earth!

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

I’m often told that I’m “soooo lucky” to have a bit of space at home for a vegetable garden. But there are ways to grow your own, regardless of where you live. Check out these cool ideas for small spaces. All you need is a wall, really…

Cranemere Farm Roses, Great Karoo

Once again I’m spending some time in the Karoo with my family. It’s the perfect place to work on some writing. Now I know that this is a food blog … but when I saw my mother’s rose garden I realized that I couldn’t NOT share it with you. I’m not going to bore you with details, but if you’re interested in seeing the pictures I took, take a look…

How Does My Garden Grow…? – Part 2

… with purple carrots, black kale, Jerusalem artichokes and mini mielies!

Living Seeds – Heirloom vegetable seeds to order online

Trying to find heirloom vegetables for my new urban food garden has proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could order all my heirloom-vegetable seeds online!

Urban Food Garden at Majeka House, Stellenbosch

Check out this awesome food garden at Majeka House. It was designed by Jehaan, who did the gardens at Babylonstoren in Franschhoek.

Must have food-garden books for beginners

Six books you should own if you’ve ever considered a vegetable garden.