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9 Ways to a fabulous kitchen

By now you’ve probably gathered that I love kitchens. So when I saw these really easy steps to a fun and cheery kitchen, I had to share them.

Lemon Meringue Pie with ‘marshmallow’ topping

There’s nothing on earth like a good lemon meringue. And when the base of lemon custard has been baked and then topped with Italian meringue (that’s the soft, un-baked kind) it’s taken to new – heavenly – heights.

Bircher muesli with toasted hazelnuts and berry coulis

With this crazy hot weather we’ve been having lately, this Bircher-style muesli is the answer.

Contemporary Japanese Kitchens

I had such a great response to my recent post on country kitchens that when I saw these unbelievable Japanese spaces I realised I couldn’t NOT share them. Eastern kitchens are designed in such a way as to bring people and families together – “spaces that incorporate cooking, eating and relaxing”. Sounds good to me.

Spanish-style sardines from Noordhoek

Noordhoek beach was teaming with sardines on Saturday morning! Sadly I was at Glencairn for a swim – on the wrong side of the 2 oceans – when I got wind of it. Luckily, I managed to persuade (or more like ‘order’) Tall Paul to get down there and catch some for lunch. This is what I made…

Inspirational kitchens

I love kitchens. Especially contemporary country spaces. Here are some ‘rustic’ kitchens with an eclectic edginess, which I absolutely love.

West Coast Mussels in White Wine & Cream

I love fresh mussels – preferably picked off the rocks. This is a classic recipe and one I turn to all the time.

Broad Bean and Quinoa Salad

I LOVE broad beans. And this is my favourite salad right now.

Springbok Pot Pie

Game for some pie? This one’s got Tall Paul’s name on it… Read on for one of my very favourite recipes

Poached Trout with Black Thai Rice & Speedy Hollandaise

This is one of my very favourite recipes. It looks incredibly striking – the fresh pink trout dripping with lemon yellow hollandaise. Hard to beat.