Vivienne Westwood-clad Chivas Regal 18-year-old

You may have spotted it in the May issue of Conde Nast House & Garden – Chivas 18 is a blend of hand-picked single-malt Scotch whiskies. It’s smooth, rich and spicy – apparently – as at 495 USD I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting it … yet! Dressed by Vivienne Westwood the label is printed on woven tie silk twill with four precision hand-cut pieces laden with delicate gold embroidery. All the silk panels are lined, padded and finished with silk taffeta and the ‘coat’ has been moulded to fit the voluptuous shape of the bottle – all held together with white gold, orb-embossed press studs (iconic of all Westwood’s accessories). And just in case you think you’re being cheated, each bottle has a unique limited-edition number on the bottom panel as a sign of authenticity.The snag – (well, besides the price) – is that this ‘gift’ is clearly targeted at the type of person who flies internationally on a regular basis, and you can therefore only buy it duty-free. So next time you’re off to Paris or Milan, keep an eye out.


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