How Does My Garden Grow…? – Part 2

A while back I pulled up my lawn in favour of an heirloom vegetable garden. If you missed Part 1 of planning and planting click here to catch up.

So much has developed since then, and there’s still a fair way to go before it’s all fully established, but here are some pics to show you how it’s all getting along.

On closer inspection of the above, if you look to the right of the archway, you can see the beginnings of my climbing rose. It’s a Towering Rose Magic (an old-fashioned cabbage rose) from Ludwig’s Roses. This time next year it will hopefully have made its way all the way up and over the arch:

Here you can see black kale from The Drift Farm in Napier, and in the background: peppers and beets (for Tall Paul’s juicing), spinach, lettuces, radish and nasturtiums:

And if you look closely, between the nasturtiums are the beginnings of my heirloom pumpkins:

Below: at the back are the Jerusalem artichokes all the way from the Karoo (on the left) and to their right, mielie seedlings. That long, empty bed has just become the home of Purple Dragon carrot seed.

Growing up on the terraces beside the would-be pumpkins are my French artichokes. The one on the opening page is about to be braised with a mass harvest of broad beans, which are now sadly no longer.

Next time I’ll be unveiling those elusive purple carrots (hopefully…).

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  1. Sam October 19, 2011 at 5:18 am #

    Since I missed the broad beans, I would absolutely love the purple carrots if you have any spare. ;-). Your garden is looking so stunning and I am very envious.

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