7 Space-saving tricks for small kitchens

According to House Beautiful, a well-designed kitchen has ‘minimal clutter and maximum efficiency’. I love these tips for small spaces from my favorite online home mag.

1. Mirror, mirror!
A mirrored backsplash gives the illusion of more space:

2. Onward and upward
Design cabinets to touch the ceiling:

3. Choose chairs without arms
They’re easier to get in and out of when space is tight.

4. Contain clutter
Use trays to contain countertop clutter:

5. Consider a spice cabinet
A spice-rack cabinet built beside the cooker keeps things tidy – and handy!

6. Match seating to wall colour
Backless stools can be slipped under the counter to save space and the colour matching the walls unifies the room.

7. Try open shelving
The lack of upper cabinets through the use of open shelves makes a room look larger than it is.


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