Family-friendly kitchen designs

With the kitchen being the heart of the home and all that, here are 7 tips sourced from House Beautiful you’ll want to follow for a family- and kid-friendly space.

1. Two rooms in one
An open-plan family room and kitchen is a multifunctional space, all about friends, family, cooking and living.

2. Keep it organised
A built-in armoire has a bottom row of drawers for kids’ stuff, a kitchen island offers ample seating, and pots are easily accessible – or not (depending on who’s looking) – since they’re hung on either side of the stove.

3. Try slipcovers
Recently bought yourself newly upholstered dining chairs? Linen slipcovers will protect from sticky fingers.

4. Add a blackboard
It’s not just for the groceries list, but for scribbles and drawing too.

5. Appreciate imperfections
Carrara marble and maple butcher-block countertops add an old-fashioned, settled look. “They’re porous, so time and wear will inevitably confer imperfections – your family’s history in stains and rings. Treasure them!”

6. Try kids’ height furniture
In this kitchen, the big square drawer has stainless-steel inserts for flour and sugar, and the lower level is just the right height for little helpers.

7. Raised cabinets
Not only does it create interest, but it makes for easy cleaning too.


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