Humble Pie 2: 10 more recipes you’ll LOVE

I’m sorry, but I had to ration you on those incredible pies from Australian Gourmet Traveller. Here are some more delicious images and recipes:

Deep-dish Apple, Pear and Vanilla Pie:

Country-style Feta and Pasta Phyllo Pie:

Beef and Guiness Pot Pies:

Pecan and Maple Pie:

Rabbit and Wild Mushroom Pie (this one has my name all over it…):

Pork and Fennel Raised Pie:

Lamb Neck Shepard’s Pie:

Rhubarb and Apple Pie with Warm Cinnamon Custard:

Beef, Red Wine and Cavolo Nero pie:

Sweet Potato, Silverbeet and Goat’s Feta Pies:

Happy pie-eating!


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