13 Food trends for 2013

This list of “trends that other publications agree on” was first put together by the Huffington Post. It’s a good one.

1. Flavoured Popcorn
flavoured popcorn

Not only for the movies, it’s already ‘popping up’ (haha) on dessert menus in SA. Find it on David HiggsSaxon menu.

2. Tea
Tea is the new coffee it seems… with interesting varietals appearing in restaurants as well speciality tea rooms and tea trucks (visit Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour in Cape Town).

3. Curing
Curing has moved beyond prosciutto and salami. Take a look at Neill Jewell and Richard Bosman‘s latest produce on offer if you need convincing.

4. Gochugang
Gochugang is the new Asian condiment of choice. It’s Korean and it’s hot – in more ways than one.

5. Chicken
With the price of meat soaring, and fish sustainability an important issue, chicken is what you’ll be finding on many restaurant menus these days.

6. Winter vegetables
winter veg
Brassicas (most importantly, cauliflower), turnips and kale are the ingredients chefs are turning to. But you won’t find them roasted… rather, served in preparations that are lighter and fresher.

7. Barrel-aged hot sauce
barrel-aged chilli
Like wooded wine or whisky, only hot sauce. mmmm…

8. Chef collaborations

chef collaborations
An extension of the pop-up (which is so 2012), chefs are getting together to create one-off menus all around the globe.

9. Non-alcoholic drinks
If you’re pregnant, under-aged or driving… this one’s for you.

10. Artisanal bread
Must admit… I do find this one a bit tired, but nonetheless, I do love bread.

11. Fermentation
Due to unusual melds of umami and sweet & sour, fermenting is on the up. My personal favourite is kimchi. Cape Town chef Cheyne Morrisby makes a good one, so look out for his next project.

12. Vegetables as main courses

main course veg
Vegetables are taking centre stage right now. Gone are the days (for now) of playing the supporting role to pork bellies and rib-eyes.

13. Smoking
Used to preserve and flavour ingredients – you can even buy smoking kits to use at home.


5 Responses to “13 Food trends for 2013”

  1. Sam January 28, 2013 at 3:57 am #

    I’m thrilled about the vegetables, and you are certainly bang on trend with your book.

    • bern January 28, 2013 at 11:02 am #

      Hopefully that cauliflower is bang on trend too *nudge nudge*

  2. Tamara January 31, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Always an interesting read. I noticed so many unusual ‘smoked’ things while in New York this past December…even a smoked cocktail. I can’t say I am a big fan though. Now fermented stuff like kimchi on the other hand…

    • bern February 5, 2013 at 8:02 am #

      Hi Tamara. My personal (and latest) favourite: salmon skin bacon! The skin is smoked and dried. Quite overbearing, but yum in small quantities. B


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