Charcuterie Club by Richard Bosman

I first met Richard Bosman a few years ago. And the one thing that was apparent is that the man can cure! By now I’m sure that most of you reading this will have tasted or at least heard of his charcuterie.

A couple of days ago an e-mail popped into my mailbox about a ‘Charcuterie Club’, and on reading it I recalled all the reasons his product is so good – it’s mostly all about passion. In the words of the man: “From time to time I am brought or given something special. In June it was water buffalo topside, in July it was European wild boar from Wellington and August was two beautiful whey fed pigs from Luddite. I get to make some really delicious products in very limited quantities and I have decided to set up a club for charcuterie enthusiasts who may appreciate having access to these products.”
Yes, please.

Join the club and you get free delivery to your door (if you live in Cape Town). JHB delivery charge is R75. And orders must exceed R500. If you so choose, Richard will make up a hamper for you to the value of R500 and you can let him know what your preferences are.

The club is open to anybody but the volumes are limited so no guarantees of receiving your order, but you will know up front if you are not going to receive anything. You all know the old adage “good things come to those who WAIT”.

To join the mailing list, e-mail Richard at

PS The pic on my home page is from one of my favourite food blogs It so perfectly sums up the words ‘charcuterie club’!

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