Greenhouse love

High up on my wish list right now is … a greenhouse! LOVE them. Here are 10 glasshouses that inspire me.

My new cookbook: Roots, Shoots & Leaves

Very soon my new cookbook will be on sale at bookshops around the country: a most exciting prospect! This time around it’s a book on vegetables of all sorts (including my favourite heirlooms) photographed by Russel Wasserfall. I’m not going to bore you with details, but here’s a sneak peek at my top five dishes.

Winter Menu Part III: Test Kitchen

Do yourself a favour and get over to the Test Kitchen for Luke Dale-Roberts’ 11-course Gourmand Tasting Menu.

Charcuterie Club by Richard Bosman

By now you’ve probably all heard of Richard Bosman’s Quality Cured Meats. If so you’ll probably be as excited as I am about his Charcuterie Club. Wild Boar pancetta, anyone? Read on to join the club.

Winter Menu Part II: Tokara

Yes… I know it’s Spring already… and I’m only on Part II of winter menus, but most restaurants are going till the end of September before they change over. And if I were you, I’d get over to Tokara before chef Richard Carstens does just that.

How does my garden grow: Part 4

I recently revamped my food garden and put in containers to better control the soil. And it seems to be paying off…

West Coast National Park (& mussels)

I spent last weekend in a very special place with lovely friends up the West Coast. After days of rain we had a lucky day of sun, so the flowers were incredible – as was the food.

V&A Market on the Wharf

If the soon-to-be-opening V&A Market on the Wharf lives up to expectations, we might just have a London Borough market in the making.

The Parable: A remarkable wine story

My brother-in-law Philip Jonker of Weltevrede Wine Estate has had the incredible honour of making a wine for Madiba’s 94th birthday from the vineyards on Robben Island. How special is that?!

The ‘Original’ Old Cape Farmstall by Judy Badenhorst

Judy Badenhorst is somewhat of a legend in Cape food circles. She is to jamming what Julia Child was to French cooking. So be sure not to miss her latest venture: a mini Old Cape Farmstall (yes, she was the founder of the original Old Cape Farmstall) in her Constantia home.