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How does my garden grow…? Part 3

…with ripening heirloom tomatoes, sky-high jerusalem artichokes and the most beautiful pumpkins on earth!

How Does My Garden Grow…? – Part 2

… with purple carrots, black kale, Jerusalem artichokes and mini mielies!

Living Seeds – Heirloom vegetable seeds to order online

Trying to find heirloom vegetables for my new urban food garden has proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could order all my heirloom-vegetable seeds online!

The Drift Farm, Napier

I finally managed to get over to Napier to visit The Drift Farm. It was a lesson on allowing nature to do its work with as little human interference as possible. From the biggest worm farm I’ve EVER seen to renewable enery sources, companion planting and compost teas, here they do it all. The result: certified organic heirloom vegetables – and apple cider, raw honey, verjuice, olive oil and and and… All produced by a rather famous family.

How does my garden grow…? Part I

… with vermicompost, manure and The Drift Farm heirloom vegetables!